Our back yard Garden
a little piece of wonderland we like to share

  big foot
We thought we must have felt an earthquake but NO it was only the Jolly Green Giant stepping lightly in our garden!
Felt like a 4.0 to us! This rock weighs about 22 pounds.

Samauri This guy just jumped out of the BLUE family circle while we weren't looking! It looks like an ancient samauri warrier on horseback.
Notice the sheild over his left shoulder
and a cape flaring out in each direction behind him. His horse is adorned with armor.

JOB0516This little Billy goat seemed to be floating in a field of blue crystal, as it seems he likes to hang around at family gatherings.

JOB1215This is our blue family circle. Our Samauri is in the upper right. The billy goat is lower left. We think the figure in the upper left side of the frame with a flat hat might be Guinan, with two more fairies on her right. Can you find any more entities in this frame?

angelIf you can't see the yellow angel blowing a horn - we may as well as hand it up right now! We call this one, Announcing the new Pope.

JOB0112We caught the TWO Headed Comic in the heart of a redish orange flower. It reminds us of all the great comedy teams of the past, notably: Laurel and Hardy, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, the Smother's brothers, and many many more, not to mention folks who seem to have two faces! he! he!

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