Healing Greens


The evolution of green superfood formulations!

Available in bulk for $60 per pound.
Now also available in Capsules.

Everything that has been proven to be a powerful healing food is now in this comprehensive formulation.

What is the inspiration for Healing Greens?

Recently there have been many new discoveries revealing the healing benefits of including various natural foods and supplements into one's regular diet. These substances include algae powders, grass juices, vegetable powders, herbs, mushrooms, friendly bacteria and digestive enzymes. Many times we get sick because of deficiencies or imbalances in our systems that allow pathogens to attack our bodies.
When we provide the body with the raw materials, which stimulate and nourish the immune system, we develop a stronger immune response which is capable of dealing with the normal exposure to pathogens found in our environment.

Many of our customers are experiencing the health promoting benefits of including these 'alternative' foods in their diets. They have reported improvements in health across a wide spectrum of medical conditions, including weight loss, increased energy, management of Tourette's Syndrome and attention deficit disorders, healing from chronic diseases including cancer.

We were motivated to search for a formula containing the most powerful healing substances known at this time. Our efforts brought us in contact with a gifted nutritionist who has created such a formulation. Healing Greens includes a broad spectrum of nutrients which work together to enhance the body's ability to heal and strengthen the immune system. A good recipe for general health should include a balanced diet, sufficient rest, a positive outlook, and regular consumption of nutrient supplements.

Nutritional supplements work best when taken on a regular basis.

Ingredients include:  [ * indicates extract powder concentrate ]
Algae: Spirulina, Chlorella
Grasses: Alfalfa (19:1) Concentrate, Barley (24:1) Concentrate
Rice: Nutritive Rice Complex; Stabilized Brown Rice, Bran & Tocotrienols
Fructooligosaccharides: - Chicory, Burdock, Mesquite, Yucca
Vitamin C & Bioflavoniod Complex: - Bilberry*, Schizandra*, Amla*, Acerola ext., Longan Fruit, Lycium (Gogi) berry, Hawthorn*, Quercetin, pomegranate, Grapeseed, Elderberry, Stevia
Mushroom Complex: - Reishi, Cordyceps, Agaricus Blazei (ABM), Immune Assist Micron. Maitake, Shitake, Turkey tail, Chaga, Lion's Mane
Liver & Blood Cleansers: - Milk Thistle ext., Turmeric*, Dandelion Root*
Amazon Complex: - Una de Gato*, Maca
Adaptogens for balance, strength & stamina: - Eleuthero (Siberian Ginsing)*, Fo Ti Tieng*, Rhodiola
Brain & Nerve Tonic: - Gota Kola*, Ginko Biloba*
Essence of Sea Plants: - Red Dulse, Norwegian Kelp, Giant Kelp, Lammaria, Gracilaria, Lithothammion, Bladderwradk, Irish Moss, Sea Palm
Multi-strain Probiotic: Including soil based microorganisms
Digestive & Assimilation Factors: - Green Papaya, Carob, Ginger, Fennel

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