Lake Klamath Blue Green Algae
Is It Nature's Foundational Perfect Superfood?

by Adam Christopher

(Note: the following article appeared in Body and Soul Magazine
and has been reproduced in its entirety.)

Lake KIamath is nature's last pure ecological niche for the production of Blue Green Algae on our planet, "nature's first and foundational mother and father generic engineering prototype for photosynthesis," standing at the very basis of the food chain.

The story of Blue Green Algae is the scientific version of "The Emperor Has No Clothes." The simplest food as the most foundational food for nourishing the body. Only recently in scientific terms is the miracle of Lake KIamath Blue Green Algae being recognized for its truly miraculous nutritional, healing and regenerative powers on both an analytic biochemical level and a synthetic vibrational, synergistic level.

Blue Green Algae is the oldest whole food plant on our planet antedating three billion years in accumulated genetic history. Algae as a whole accounts for over 80% of the global oxygen on our planet, critical to our maintaining our atmospheric equilibrium, and as such is nature's super-template for photosynthesis.

The miracle of Lake KIamath Blue Green Algae is that it is the only naturally occurring algae on the planet growing wild and organically photosynthesizing itself yearly. The reason for this is the pure water and air conditions plus the thirty-five feet of colloidal mineral sediment wealth built up from ancient glacial periods. The colloidal mineral wealth of Lake Klamath acts as a mineral resonant lattice foundation for the creative synergizing rays of the sun. All other algae, including spirulina and chlorelIa, are grown in man-made, synthetically engineered food ponds and are not born of nature's synergy.

The secret of Lake Klamath is that it is one of, if not the, richest zeta potential mineral base environments in the world. The term zeta potential is a modern term describing an ascending geometric ordering pattern of atomic and molecular bonding angles derived from the electrical field strength of colloidal minerals. Lake KIamath, as an extraordinarily rich colloidal mineral lake, acts as a giant computer creating tiny seed crystals in the otherwise anomalous lake water. The seed crystals electrically charge the lake with an unusually high ordering capacity giving rise to the miracle of Lake KIamath Blue Green Algae.

It is the highly charged zeta potential minerals which determine protein production in our bodies. If the electrically charged colloids are not there the total spectrum of enzymes which act as a master key for controlling the body's protein synthesis and biochemistry will not be there and we will be in a state of cellular degeneration and not regeneration.

The power of highly charged zeta potential mineral life is further evidenced by the fact that Lake KIamath Blue Green Algae produces the highest complement of protein neuro-peptides of any single known food substance. It is known through recent scientific research that neuro-peptides create the neuro-genetic transmission nodes in the body. In the language of psychology, neuro-peptides are the biological basis of linking mind and body into higher levels of information flow, or psychological level of integrating self consciousness.

Lake Klamath Blue Green Algae's genetic code almost perfectly matches the human DNA cell code and has what is scientifically called a perfect amino acid profile. Blue Green Algae is directly assimilated by the body with its glucose wall unlike other forms of man-made photosynthesized algae such as chlorella which have a cellulose cell wall. A cellulose wall is undigestible and must be broken down through artificial heat protracted processing.

Lake Klamath Blue Green Algae is nature's most powerful chlorophyll oxygenating food on our planet and has three to five times the oxygenating chlorophyll as any other whole food algae, including spirulina and chlorella.

Lake KIamath Blue Green Algae, because it genetically functions like a bacteria yet has the chlorophyll structure of a plant and the cell wall of an animal shares its information non-discriminatively with its environment -- "everything is available all the time." This universal spectrum of life information, which has been continuously updated the last three billion years, is accelerated multiplicatively when Blue Green Algae is challenged physically as in the Lake Klamath harvesting process. What this does for us is to allow every cell in our body the unique opportunity to select the nutritional energy / information it needs to uniquely fulfill its total holistic functioning. Wow!

The new unified field sciences of the post-Einsteinian age developed by such world thinkers as A. N. Whithead, Karl Prigram, William Teller, and David Bohm among others, see the nature of man and the universe as a gigantic creative hologram where all events creatively reflect the whole from their holonic perspective. Given this scientific framework to understand nutritional science, the body is built out of wholes, and not parts. Nutritionally, this means that what regenerates the body are nutritional holograms that mirror to the body a total holonic pattern as close at possible to the body's own biological biocrystalline structure. In this simple context, Blue Green Algae is the "master holonic biochip code" at the basis of the frequency resonant patterning of the body, as well at being the master hologram for the physical carbon-oxygen-hydrogen-nitrogen biochemical evolutionary programming of the body. Utilizing the framework of the new sciences, blue green algae is the revolutionary "life access code," foundational to nutritional science and human biological evolution.

In the context of unified energy science, the discovery of blue green algae, and specifically Lake KIamath Blue Green Algae, comes at a time when humanity's food source is globally threatened at its very foundation. Blue green algae would appear to be a self-consciously awakened reprieve of preserving and holding up to the earth and its populace the original organic and regenerative foundation of life itself.

Nutritional Sciences has always searched for what the poets have called the "Grail Food," the one food above all others that unifies the nutritional sciences as the foundational superfood for constructing the body. Can it not be, and more than reasonable to assume through scientific logic and personal testimony, that Lake KIamath Blue Green Algae is the grail superfood waiting to serve the health preventative and regenerative needs of us all?!

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