Bean Sprouting Cabinet

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Picture of bean sprouting box

Bean sprouts are perhaps one of the best food sources that one can easily add to the diet to provide the body with a multitude of necessary nutrients for healthy living.

The sprouts are started in small jars and watered for about 3 days before moving to our new cabinet where they are greened and brought to maturation. Greening in natural daylight produces the healthiest vibrant sprouts.

The bean sprouting cabinet on the left will produce year round enough sprouts to supply an an average family of four with fresh delicious bean sprouts.

The cabinet pictured is crafted using a standard aluminium bakery bun pan rack, which is 6 feet high by 2 feet deep and 20 inches wide. The unit is encased in a standard bun pan rack plastic cover (shown open in the image). The cover has a zippered front which allows the front side to be rolled up for easy access to the trays. I installed two sprayers for each tray. 

The tray frames are made using standard screen kits from the hardware store. And the screen material is stainless steel.

The orange pan in the bottom is an oil-collection tray, available from your local auto parts store, which has been adapted with a drain hole in the bottom which feeds into a garden hose to divert the water to our garden.

I brought high pressure water to the side of the unit using 1/2" PVC pipe. note: This installation is in California where we do not have as much concern for freezing pipes in the winter. You should take your climate into consideration when installing outdoor plumbing.

Using a PVC to garden hose coupling the water is brought through a clothes washer hose to the sprinkler timer valve. I used the "Sprinkler Thinker" from DIG Corporation, 130 Bosstick Blvd., San Marcos, CA 92069 - model 2007. It is available at your local garden store for about $45.00. You should also be able to find an assortment of 1/4" low-volume hoses and spray heads.

I set the timer to water the sprouts for 1 and a half minutes every 3 hours.

For more information and a great source for seeds, look up the sproutman on the web.

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